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City Issues: Atascadero Planning Commission
Atascadero Planning Issues

What is going on with our Planning Commission?
Composition of the Planning Commission has changed. The majority have an anti-growth perspective on business and is fairly confrontational with applicants

What Important Issues are facing our City?

Creek Setbacks are “coming back” with many restrictions on property use. This will likely affect:
Property values and property sales
Ability to build or remodel
Ability to construct Second Units
Do we NEED this “broad brush” approach?
We have no problem with creeks according to Atascadero Mutual Water Company.
Why are we looking for a solution with out a problem to solve ?

Affordable Housing – City is studying the best way to use Redevelopment money to construct housing specifically designated as “affordable”, both rental and privately owned
What direction do we want to go? Large “projects” or apartment buildings?
Higher density, with homes tightly packed? (Smart Growth) Interspersed?
What neighborhoods, and what impacts? Do you want it in YOUR backyard?

Smart Growth – The Tribune editorial recommended that the County Board of Supervisors should “Just Adopt It  - It’s good for us?”
Did you know that:
The Smart Growth Policy was hidden within another Agenda Item; was this to sneak it through with out public notice? Transparency in government is important
It will affect every city in the county because it will “encourage development within or adjacent to urban areas” with adequate resources. Since most of South County and the coastal communities don’t have enough water to serve additional population, IT WILL GO TO NORTH COUNTY (Atascadero).
We want to retain local control over our city, not have growth forced upon the edges of the city. Isn’t that “sprawl” anyway?
Increased cost of construction with additional regulations imposed.
Impact on farmers and ranchers ?
Residential doesn’t “pay it’s way”, and we will have more costs

Eagle Ranch Annexation – a large area on Atascadero’s southwestern edge proposed for inclusion and development. Impacts unknown, good or bad.

Conclusion – we need honest and responsible people on our City Council who will appoint Planning Commissioners with the best interest of the City in mind, not private agendas. They need to:
Be pro –business, both existing and new – a business friendly attitude - we need to make business feel welcome in coming to our city
Be pro-homeowner, protect homeowner’s rights and rural quality of life
Listen to the public, not ignore them
Be flexible instead of rigid, able to consider all aspects of a proposal to get the VERY BEST for our great City.