ABA congratulates 2014 election winners:
Dear neighbors,

A Better Atascadero is happy to congratulate Mayor Tom O’Malley and Councilmembers Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant on their re-election. Atascadero has shown significant progress since the days of long contentious meetings with a divided council. Our current council has changed that previous culture and is working hard to respond to the desires of our residents.

A Better Atascadero (ABA) was formed to address issues that impacted city land owners. Since then, we have worked hard to ensure our city elects council members who continue to improve its economic climate, improve its infrastructure and provide citizens with friendly helpful services. We believe the current city council has done well to move in that direction. While our city council members have different opinions, backgrounds, and experiences, and aren’t always voting the same, they are united in doing what is best for our community.

Tom O'MalleyTom O’Malley, an Atascadero native, has served on the city council for 12 years, the last two as our first elected mayor. As mayor, Tom represents our city at the county and state levels, ensuring the city’s needs are addressed by those agencies. His service on the SLO Council of Governments gives our city credibility. He provides stable, wise leadership to our council, and represents us well.
Brian SturtevantBrian Sturtevant is completing his first term as a council member, and has demonstrated the ability to grasp complex issues facing the city and makes reasonable and achievable recommendations to his fellow council members. His responsibilities as a department manager at Diablo Canyon give him a great back ground in making sound decisions. He too, serves on regional committees representing Atascadero.
Heather MorenoHeather Moreno has served on the city council for two years. She is an experienced young business woman, who runs her own company, is an author, and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1994. She has an exceptional grasp of our city’s finances, and has a good understanding of issues facing the city.  She also represents our city on regional committees.

It is important to keep this positive movement going in our city. Thank you for voting for Tom O’Malley for Mayor and Heather Moreno and Brian Sturtevant for City Council.
Bob Wilkins, Donn Clickard, Wayne Cooper, Jim Stecher, Don Idler, Doug Filipponi, Robert M. (Grigger) Jones, Rolfe Nelson, Kelly Long, Debbie Arnold, Suzie Anderson, Barbie Butz, Jo Ann Switzer, Jerrie & Ken Dahlen, Ramona & Dan Phillips, Mary Kay Mills, Mark Kastner, Edie Knight, Maggie Vandergon, Marty Kudlac, Jan Wolff, Vicky Morse, Lydia & Norm Thompson, Jerry Taft, Adam Daner, Mary Arnold, Ron Walters, Ray Johnson, Donald Cross, Jamie Kirk, Madalyn McDaniel